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List of Waterfall by height

Angel Falls979 metres (3,212 ft)BolívarVenezuela
Tres Hermanas Falls914 metres (2,999 ft)JuninPeru
Olo’upena Falls900 metres (2,953 ft)HawaiiUnited States
Yumbilla Falls896 metres (2,940 ft)AmazonasPeru
Skorga875 metres (2,871 ft)Møre og RomsdalNorway
Vinnufossen860 metres (2,822 ft)Møre og RomsdalNorway
Balåifossen850 metres (2,789 ft)VestlandNorway
Mattenbachfall840 metres (2,756 ft)LauterbrunnentalSwitzerland
Pu’uka’oku Falls840 metres (2,756 ft)HawaiiUnited States
James Bruce Falls840 metres (2,756 ft)British ColumbiaCanada
Browne Falls836 metres (2,743 ft)SouthlandNew Zealand
Strupenfossen820 metres (2,690 ft)VestlandNorway
Ramnefjellsfossen818 metres (2,684 ft)VestlandNorway
Waihilau Falls792 metres (2,598 ft)HawaiiUnited States
Colonial Creek Falls788 metres (2,585 ft)WashingtonUnited States
Mongefossen773 metres (2,536 ft)Møre og RomsdalNorway
Gocta Cataracts771 metres (2,530 ft)AmazonasPeru
Mutarazi Falls762 metres (2,500 ft)ManicalandZimbabwe
Kjelfossen755 metres (2,477 ft)VestlandNorway
Johannesburg Falls751 metres (2,464 ft)WashingtonUnited States
Yosemite Falls739 metres (2,425 ft)CaliforniaUnited States
Cloudcap Falls732 m (2,402 ft)WashingtonUnited States
Cascades de Trou de Fer725 metres (2,379 ft)RéunionFrance
Ølmåafossen720 metres (2,362 ft)Møre og RomsdalNorway
Manawainui Falls719 metres (2,359 ft)HawaiiUnited States
Kjeragfossen715 metres (2,346 ft)RogalandNorway
Avalanche Basin Falls707 metres (2,320 ft)MontanaUnited States
Harrison Basin Falls707 metres (2,320 ft)MontanaUnited States
Haloku Falls700 metres (2,297 ft)HawaiiUnited States
Chamberlain Falls700 metres (2,297 ft)SouthlandNew Zealand
Døntefossen700 metres (2,297 ft)Møre og RomsdalNorway
Brufossen698 metres (2,290 ft)VestlandNorway
Spirefossen690 metres (2,264 ft)VestlandNorway
Lake Unknown Falls680 metres (2,231 ft)OtagoNew Zealand
Salto Kukenaam674 metres (2,211 ft)BolívarVenezuela
Salto Yutaj671 metres (2,201 ft)AmazonasVenezuela
La Chorrera Falls590 metres (1,936 ft)CundinamarcaColombia

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