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Top List of television programs by episode count

ProgramGenreCountry of originSeasonsEpisode countStarted broadcastingFinished broadcasting
SandmännchenAnimatedGermany6122,200November 22, 1959Currently in production
Guiding LightSoap operaUnited States5715,762[1]
June 30, 1952September 18, 2009
General HospitalSoap operaUnited States5814,822[3]April 1, 1963Currently in production
Days of Our LivesSoap operaUnited States5614,151[4]November 8, 1965Currently in production
As the World TurnsSoap operaUnited States5413,858[5]April 2, 1956September 17, 2010
Eat Bulaga!Variety ShowPhilippines313,012[6]July 30, 1979Currently in production
The Young and the RestlessSoap operaUnited States4812,153[7]March 26, 1973Currently in production
Des chiffres et des lettresGame showFrance5212,000[A]September 19, 1965Currently in production
One Life to LiveSoap operaUnited States4411,136[8]July 15, 1968January 13, 2012
All My ChildrenSoap operaUnited States4210,755[9]January 5, 1970September 23, 2011
Barátok köztSoap operaHungary2310,456[10]October 26, 1998July 17, 2021
Coronation StreetSoap operaUnited Kingdom6010,445[11]December 9, 1960Currently in production
100 Huntley StreetDaily talkCanada7710,000June 15, 1977Currently in production
The Price Is RightGame showUnited States459,270September 4, 1972Currently in production
EmmerdaleSoap operaUnited Kingdom399,150[12]October 16, 1972Currently in production
Search for TomorrowSoap operaUnited States359,130[13]September 3, 1951December 26, 1986
Another WorldSoap operaUnited States358,891[13]May 4, 1964June 25, 1999
NeighboursSoap operaAustralia368,720March 18, 1985Currently in production
The Bold and the BeautifulSoap operaUnited States348,587[14][15]March 23, 1987Currently in production
TV SlagalicaGame showSerbia1408,104November 22, 1993Currently in production
Waratte Iitomo! (笑っていいとも!)Variety show
Talk show
Japan318,054[16]October 4, 1982March 31, 2014
Pobol y CwmSoap operaUnited Kingdom468,000[17]October 16, 1974Currently in production
Jeopardy!Game showUnited States378,000[18]September 10, 1984Currently in production
Access HollywoodEntertainment newsUnited States257,770[19][20]September 6, 1996Currently in production
Home and AwaySoap operaAustralia347,601[21]January 17, 1988Currently in production
CountdownGame showUnited Kingdom857,500[22]November 2, 1982Currently in production

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