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Top 10 Highest Google AdSense Earners in the world

Pete Cashmore

This man is the CEO and the founder of Mashable, which is today the most popular blog founded in 2005. Cashmore started blogging at the age of 19 and has over the time earned some significant amount of money from his blogging.

When Cashmore was starting this work, he didn’t share the story with anybody, not even his parents. He was just focused on writing and just writing. He was the only employee writing and publishing articles and blog posts. Here is some of the information about his business.

· Blog Category: Technology

· Daily page views: 37,320,000

· Alexa Rank: 1,420 unfixed

· Page Rank: 6

Jack Herrick

Herrick is an American entrepreneur with ultimate connections with blogging and online businesses. He is actually known as a wiki fanatic. He is the man behind the Wiki How, Luminescent technologies, Big Tray and eHow.

· Earnings: $2 million per month

· Alexa Rank: 171 unfixed

· Daily Unique Visitors: 40 million

· Backlinks: 3.3 million

Kevin P Ryan

This man is the founder and also the Chairman of He is also the founder of many companies in the world. He started on online Businesses in 2009 when he showed some special interests in Business and Technology, News and many other topics. With his hard work and patience, this entrepreneur is today among the top 10 AdSense earners in 2019.

· Monthly Earnings: $120,000 approximate

· Monthly Unique Visitors: 500,000

· Monthly page views: 62 million and still going.

· Alexa Global Rank: 313.

Michael Arrington

When Michael was starting his online business, no one knew that he could make it in the business world. Today he sits as the CEO and the founder of, which is now one of the best technology news portals. His main aim is to provide to the public reports and information concerning technology and other related areas.

· Estimated worth: $99,750,000

· Estimated earnings per month: $1,566,390

· Estimated website visitors per month: 104,430,000

· Alexa Global Rank: 1019.

Markus Frind

This man is among the oldest online business owners. He was among the first entrepreneurs that started an online business. As a matter of fact, he started his PlentyofFish(POF) in 2003. He is also the man behind many online dating websites, especially in Australia, Ireland, USA, Canada, and UK.

· Estimated website worth: $95,000,000

· Estimated website earnings per month: $1,000,000

· Estimated Website Visitors in a month: 94,000,000

· Alexa Global Rank: 1,423

Jeff Pillou

Pillou is the founder and the CEO of, which was started in 2010. The man now lives in London, and he is also one of the most successful bloggers in the country. He actually started his business when he was only 20 years old. He earns a staggering $1,000,000 from Google AdSense each month.

· Estimated value: $94,000,000

· Estimated monthly earnings: $1,000,000

· Estimated monthly website visitors: 94,000,000

· Alexa Global Rank: 2,543,571

Kelvin Rose

This man is an Internet entrepreneur in America with more than 5 years’ experience in Google AdSense. The blogger is best known for his website This website was launched on July 31st, 2012 with the main goal of sharing content to Bookmarking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

· Estimated website worth: $81,000,000

· Estimated website Earnings per month: $800,000

· Estimated monthly visitors: 59,000,000.

· Alexa Global Rank: 28,952.

Dancer Hogan

Hogan is the founding father and the executive of Digital Purpose solutions. He started blogging in 1999, which is the time that many people didn’t think that the internet could be a good investment. Twenty years, later, he’s on our list of the best and the highest-earning AdSense bloggers. His website offers helpful information to web marketers, internet developers, and other bloggers.

· Blog Category: Marketing, SEO Guide

· Earnings per month: $350,000

· Page Rank: six

· Alexa Rank: 30,829 unfixed

· Daily Distinctive Visitors: 3,440,000.

Courtney Rosen

This iron lady is the founder and the CEO of, which is one of the most popular websites in the world. The site publishes hundreds of articles and over 170,000 videos especially guides. The site was founded in 1999 and has over the time grown to be the world’s biggest guide websites.

· Estimated monthly earnings: $650,000

· Daily page views: 31,400,000

· Page Rank: 6

· Alexa Rank: 10,418 unfixed.

Perez Hilton

This man is better known as Maripo Armando Lavandeira, Jr but his professional name above is the most common. He is a Television Personality, a columnist, and a Blogger in the US. His website was was founded a few years after he graduated from school. The man was born in Miami and chose to be an actor immediately he got out of school, which he later left for a more stable job.

· Website category: Celebrities activities

· Daily Pageviews: 10,500,000

· Daily unique visitors: 1,700, 000

· Earnings per month: $300,000

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