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Fastest Hundreds in One Day International

14931169AB de VilliersSouth Africa v West Indies18/01/2015
131*36146CJ AndersonNew Zealand v West Indies01/01/2014
10237116Shahid AfridiPakistan v Sri Lanka04/10/1996
147*44108MV BoucherSouth Africa v Zimbabwe20/09/2006
11745418BC LaraWest Indies v Bangladesh09/10/1999
10245910Shahid AfridiPakistan v India15/04/2005
10446512JD RyderNew Zealand v West Indies01/01/2014
116*46810JC ButtlerEngland v Pakistan20/11/2015
134481111ST JayasuriyaSri Lanka v Pakistan02/04/1996
110*5069JC ButtlerEngland v Pakistan11/05/2019
11350613KJ O’BrienIreland v England02/03/2011
10251410GJ MaxwellAustralia v Sri Lanka08/03/2015
100*5278V KohliIndia v Australia16/10/2013
162*52817AB de VilliersSouth Africa v West Indies27/02/2015
12453417Shahid AfridiPakistan v Bangladesh21/06/2010
1025387MM AliEngland v West Indies24/09/2017
10554612JM BairstowEngland v Scotland10/06/2018
13055616ST JayasuriyaSri Lanka v Bangladesh30/06/2008
162551411CH GayleWest Indies v England27/02/2019
11657611JP FaulknerAustralia v India02/11/2013
11957113AB de VilliersSouth Africa v India25/10/2015
14057813NLTC PereraSri Lanka v New Zealand04/01/2019
14857174EJG MorganEngland v Afghanistan18/06/2019
10258311AB de VilliersSouth Africa v India27/02/2010
1045869JM BairstowEngland v New Zealand10/03/2018
125*60614V SehwagIndia v New Zealand11/03/2009
150601213JC ButtlerEngland v West Indies27/02/2019
10760612Jatinder SinghOman v Nepal14/09/2021

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