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List of heaviest spacecraft

NameMassNotesOrbitStateIn service from
International Space Station440,725 kg (971,632 lb)Space stationLEOIn service1998– (at present size: 2021–)
Mir129,700 kg (285,940 lb)Soviet / Russian space stationLEODeorbited 20011986–2001
Space Shuttle122,683 kg (270,470 lb)Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-117, the heaviest flight of the Space Shuttle.LEORetired1981–2011
Buran105,000 kg (231,485 lb)Soviet reusable orbiter, made single flightLEORetired1988–1988
Skylab77,111 kg (170,001 lb)U.S. space station; largest station orbited in one launchLEODeorbited 19791973–1979
Apollo CSM28,800 kg (63,493 lb)U.S. crewed spacecraft for entering lunar orbitMoonRetired1968–1975 (Block II)
Tianhe22,500 kg (49,604 lb)Chinese space stationLEOIn service2021-
ATV20,293 kg (44,738 lb)European cargo spacecraft on its heaviest flightLEORetired2008–2014
Salyut 719,824 kg (43,704 lb)USSR space stationLEODeorbited 19911982–1991
KH-11~19,600 kg (43,211 lb)[3]Electro-optical reconnaissance satelliteSSOIn service1976– (current version: 2005–)

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