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Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History

S.NoBowlerFastest DeliveryOpposition
1.Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan)161.3 km/hr (100.2 mph)England
2.Brett Lee (Australia)161.1 km/hr (100.1 mph)New Zealand
3.Shaun Tait (Australia)161.1 km/hr (100.1 mph)England
4.Jeff Thomson (Australia)160.6 km/hr (99.8 mph)West Indies
5.Mitchell Starc (Australia)160.4 km/hr (99.7 mph)New Zealand
6.Andy Roberts (West Indies)159.5 km/hr (99.1 mph)Australia
7.Fidel Edwards (West Indies)157.7 km/hr (97.9 mph)South Africa
8.Mitchell Johnson (Australia)156.8 km/hr (97.4 mph)England
9.Mohammad Sami (Pakistan)156.4 km/hr (97.1 mph)Zimbabwe
10.Shane Bond (New Zealand)156.4 km/hr (97.1 mph)India

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