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Top 5 Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solvers

#5. Max Park (US)

Starting off our list at #5 is one of the fastest and most famous speedcubers in the world. Max Park currently holds the 5th fastest single solve time with a 4.40 second solve. If we were talking about who is the best overall speedcuber, Max would likely be top 2 on our list. He holds the world records for 5×5 – 7×7 single as well as the world records for 4×4 – 7×7 average of 5 solve times!

At a young age, Max was diagnosed with autism and his parents introduced Max to cubing as a means to help him grow his social and communication skills. It just so happened that Max fell in love with solving the Rubik’s Cube and going to competitions. Fueled by his passion for the puzzle and determination for self-improvement, Max quickly started placing at competitions. What had started as an exercise in socialization and communication, lead to one of the fastest speedsolvers the world has ever seen! Max continues to break records and impress fellow speedsolvers at each competition he goes to.

#4. Nicolás Sánchez (US)

Coming in at 4th is Nicolás Sánchez who solved the puzzle in 4.38 seconds this past December, 2019. This is one of the newer 3×3 times to break in to the top 5 fastest of all time. Nicolás can consistently get solves around the 5-6 second mark so we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him in the lists of world’s fastest speed solvers!

#3. Patrick Ponce (US)

Patrick is also one of the most popular speedsolvers in the world who has held the world record multiple times over the years. His current fastest time of 4.24 secondsplaces him #3 on the countdown.

Patrick’s 4.24 solve currently claims the record for the fastest time in North America! Equally as impressive, Patrick is also in the top five for 5×5 single (40.43) and 3×3 one-handed (7.06).

#2. Feliks Zemdegs (Australia)

Without a doubt, Feliks is the most famous and well-known speedcuber in the world. He has held the world record at some point for what feels like every event. Max Park has broken many of his records–mostly for bigger cubes like 4×4-7×7, but Feliks was the first real stand-out in the world of speedcubing. His current fastest official 3×3 solve of 4.22 seconds held the world record title for less than a year before it was dethroned.  

Feliks has beaten more world records than any other cuber with an astounding 121 total world records. He currently holds the world record for 3×3 average with an average time of 5.53 seconds. Many cubers today would agree that Feliks is the reason speedcubing is as competitive and as popular as it is. We would also highly recommend the following video by Chris Olson that goes into detail on Feliks and why he is such an icon.

#1. Yusheng Du (杜宇生) (China)

 Yusheng Du surprised the world when he solved the 3×3 in an unbelievable time of 3.47 seconds. This was the first official sub-4 second solve time and it beat Feliks’ previous world record by nearly a second. Unfortunately, the footage of the solve is not the greatest since it’s from a security camera that luckily had the solve in frame.

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