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List of Asian Nobel laureates – Physics

As of 2019, there are 19 Asians or Asian Americans who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, with the Japanese comprising the most with 8 laureates.

YearImageLaureateCountry at the time of the awardCategory
1981Kenichi Fukui JapanChemistry
1986Yuan T. Lee Taiwan and  United StatesChemistry
1987Charles J. Pedersen United StatesChemistry
2000Hideki Shirakawa JapanChemistry
2001Ryōji Noyori JapanChemistry
2002Koichi Tanaka JapanChemistry
2004Aaron Ciechanover IsraelChemistry
2004Avram Hershko IsraelChemistry
2008Osamu Shimomura JapanChemistry
2008Roger Y. Tsien United StatesChemistry
2009Venki Ramakrishnan United Kingdom and  United StatesChemistry
2009Ada Yonath IsraelChemistry
2010Ei-ichi Negishi JapanChemistry
2010Akira Suzuki JapanChemistry
2011Dan Shechtman IsraelChemistry
2013Arieh Warshel Israel and  United StatesChemistry
2013Michael Levitt Israel,  United Kingdom and  United StatesChemistry
2015Aziz Sancar Turkey and  United StatesChemistry
2019Akira Yoshino JapanChemistry

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