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The 10 Most Mass-Produced Cars Of All Time

10 Toyota Corolla – 44 Million

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This humble little subcompact hatchback claimed the status as the best-selling car way back in 1974 and by 2016 it had sold over 44 million units. The series had undergone 12 generations by 2016 and has had several major redesigns.

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Toyota only produces a little over 10 million vehicles a year, so this one model is the equivalent of 4 years of straight Toyota production. Having been in production for nearly 50 years, the Corolla remains in production and is still immensely popular.

9 Volkswagen Beetle – 21.5 Million


This hugely iconic German car (famous or infamous for its rear situated engine) saw an incredible production run in both duration and in sheer numbers. The Beetle was produced from 1938 (before the outbreak of WW2) to 2003.

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The Beetle saw over 21.5 million cars produced and sold the world over. The Beetle was originally intended as a five-seater, but some countries restricted it to 4 seats.

8 Ford Model T – 16.5 Million

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The first truly standardized and mass-produced car saw an estimated 16.5 million made. The Ford Model T was a record-breaker in more ways than one, including being the first car to reach one million units. It was produced from 1908 to 1927 and is considered the first affordable automobile.

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Few other things shape our memory of the roaring twenties more than bootleggers and the Model T – the first car available to middle-class Americans.

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7 Lada “Classic” – 17.7 Million


Those who have traveled in the poorer rural areas of the former Soviet Union can testify to the visible abundance of this mass-produced Soviet car. Produced from the 1970s to 2012, well after the Soviet Union fell, it remains perhaps the most common car in many villages throughout the Caucasus and Central Asia.

One claim to fame includes that in 2001 the Lada scored 0 points out of 16 in a frontal crash test, so it’s certainly not the safest of vehicles!

6 Volkswagen Golf – Over 35 Million

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Produced since 1974, the Golf is perhaps the most famous compact Volkswagen after the Beetle. The Golf has seen 8 generations and many body configurations, updates and modernizations.

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With its successor, the fully electric Volkswagen ID.3, the Golf’s future and legacy seems secure to carry it into the EV age. With sales in excess of 35 million, the Golf has been the definition of successful.

5 Ford F-Series – 34 Million

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Starting in 1948 and running up to now, the Ford F-Series has produced a dizzying amount of pickup trucks. The F-series starts with the F-150 through to the F-450 Super Duty pickups. Perhaps this is Fords America’s most iconic of vehicles.

The F-Series has been the best selling pickup truck in the USA since 1977 and the highest-selling vehicle overall since 1981 – now that really is a feat! The F-Series has been loved by American motorists for generations now as it has been incredibly profitable for the Ford Motor Company.

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4 Chevrolet Impala – 13 Million

Chevy Impala
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Chevrolet’s popular flagship passenger car was America’s most popular full-size car. Not including the reintroduction of this classic car and just counting its production from 1958-1996 over 13 million cars were produced.

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The Impala also has the honor of being America’s bestselling car during the Golden Age of American cars. The 1965 fourth-gen Impala set an all-time industry annual sales record of more than 1 046 514 units in the United States.

3 Volkswagen Type 2 (Kombi) – 12 Million

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The Kombi – the icon of freedom and hippies the world over has seen an impressive production run from 1950 to now. With more than 12 million vans sold over 6 generations to  2015 it is the best selling van nameplate of all time.

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The second generation saw production from 1967-2013 a 48-year period – making it the longest produced van run in history.

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2 Toyota Prius – 6 Million, Best-Selling Hybrid

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The Toyota Prius may not be in the double digits of millions like others in this list, but what makes it stand out is that it is the most successful hybrid vehicle. Combined, the Prius family nameplate saw over 6 million units sold by early 2017, the Prius has proven to be the darling of gas-conscious motorists.

The Prius remains hugely popular, with production set to extend into the foreseeable future.

1 Tesla Model 3 – 800 000, Best-Selling All Electric

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In 2019 the Tesla Model 3 overtook the Nissan Leaf as the most sold fully electric vehicle with 800,000 units delivered by December 2020. This expensive but high performance electric vehicle has revolutionized the EV market and consumers’ perceptions of EVs from the poor cousins of gasoline cars to every bit as convenient and capable as them.

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